Guerra “hack” entre EE.UU y China

La guerra fria entre los EE.UU y China llega definitivamente al mundo de ciberespacio, despues de la batalla contra Huawei, por el despliegue del 5G de la multinacional china en todo el mundo y principalmente en europa occidental, ahora el Departamento de Justicia presenta formalmente una acusacion contra dos ciudadanos de ese pais por el supuesto robo de secretos tecnologicos e industriales.

El Departamento de Justicia expresa que:

The 11-count indictment alleges LI Xiaoyu (李啸宇), 34, and DONG Jiazhi (董家志), 33, who were trained in computer applications technologies at the same Chinese university, conducted a hacking campaign lasting more than ten years to the present, targeting companies in countries with high technology industries, including the United States, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.  Targeted industries included, among others, high tech manufacturing; medical device, civil, and industrial engineering; business, educational, and gaming software; solar energy; pharmaceuticals; defense.  In at least one instance, the hackers sought to extort cryptocurrency from a victim entity, by threatening to release the victim’s stolen source code on the Internet.  More recently, the defendants probed for vulnerabilities in computer networks of companies developing COVID-19 vaccines, testing technology, and treatments.

La acusasion completa se puede descargar del siguiente sitio:

The indictment charges the defendants with conspiring to steal trade secrets from at least eight known victims, which consisted of technology designs, manufacturing processes, test mechanisms and results, source code, and pharmaceutical chemical structures.  Such information would give competitors with a market edge by providing insight into proprietary business plans and savings on research and development costs in creating competing products.


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